HBC Group orders Saab’s Seaeye Cougar-XTi for enhanced offshore inspection capabilities

HBC Group, a leading provider of offshore inspection services, has recently purchased Saab’s Seaeye Cougar-XTi, a state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicle (ROV) known for its advanced capabilities.


Saab’s Seaeye Cougar-XTi stood out due to its remarkable carrying capacity, a crucial factor for HBC Group’s operations. The Cougar-XTi is a highly flexible and extremely powerful electric ROV, depth rated to 2000m. The ROV is fitted with six 500 Volt, DC thrusters that provide exceptional thrust for stable vehicle operations in high current environments.

These features allow the transport of survey equipment that was previously too large for HBC Group’s existing ROVs, catering to the specific needs of clients, particularly those in offshore wind farms.

The versatility of the Cougar-XTi extends to carrying specialised tools for hydrographics and geophysical services. HBC Group utilises PMAC Group’s system for cathodic protection measurements, and the manipulator arms play a crucial role in non-destructive testing.

Christian Eilersen, CEO at HBC Group Said:

“We are thrilled to elevate our offshore inspection capabilities with the Seaeye Cougar-XTi. This advanced ROV enables us to meet the unique needs of our clients in offshore wind farms, and its addition to our fleet reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of offshore inspections.”

Looking ahead, HBC Group plans to deploy the Cougar-XTi for daily inspections, allowing them to bid on tenders that were previously inaccessible due to payload constraints. The order/capability is expected to open new avenues for the company in the offshore wind sector.

Jon Roberston, Managing Director at Saab Seaeye said:

“We’re thrilled to empower HBC Group with the advanced Seaeye Cougar-XTi. This sale underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier equipment, redefining standards for efficiency and reliability in offshore operations.”

In addition to the Cougar-XTi, HBC Group highlighted the success of its previous ROV purchase with Saab, the Seaeye Tiger. The company noted its reliability and higher uptime compared to previous ROVs. The Tiger has played a crucial role in recent inspections on offshore wind farms in Denmark, the UK, and Germany, particularly in waveform inspections.

The addition of the Cougar-XTi to HBC Group’s fleet signifies the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology in the offshore inspection services sector.