JFD launches its Fourth Generation Submarine Rescue System ‘Agile’ marking a step change in response time, mobilisation and safety when reacting to Distressed Submarine incidents

JFD is proud to unveil its ‘Agile’ Submarine Rescue System (SRS), based on 40 years’ experience, which marks a significant enhancement in available transport options, mobilisation configurations and system safety when responding to a Distressed Submarine (DISSUB) incident.

For the first time, a full SRS can be transported via commercial aircraft; drastically increasing the range of air transport options in comparison to current systems, which rely solely on large, limited availability military aircraft. This ensures the Rescue System can, as quickly as possible, get to the DISSUB location within the 72 hours’ Time to First Rescue (TTFR) window; a challenge long faced particularly by nations with a large coastal footprint or vast submarine range.

In addition, road transport and mobilisation challenges benefit from JFD’s SRS optimised footprint and flexible, containerised configuration adaptable to suit a wide variety of rescue scenarios. The number of available Vessels of Opportunity (VOOs) is increased, which, combined with concurrent sub-assembly, reduced system interfaces and optimised process implementation enables the rescue team to mobilise quickly and efficiently.

Ben Wright, JFD Submarine Rescue Capability Manager said:

“JFD’s 40 years of engineering expertise combined with maintenance and operational experience practiced daily across our global In-Service Support contracts has refined the design drivers for our Agile SRS.

Getting a complex SRS to a DISSUB location as quickly as possible in order to maximise the time to effect a rescue remains an enormous challenge for navies globally.

The Agile SRS optimises transportability, modular configuration and simplified vessel interface flexibility in order to reduce TTFR and the complexity of these core mobilisation operations. These improvements also drastically improve system maintainability and resistance to obsolescence, enhancing assured availability and the ability for navies to ensure they are always ‘rescue ready’”.

JFD_Fourth Generation Submarine Rescue System AGILE BODY IMAGE.png

The Agile System incorporates proven state-of-the-art technology transferred from the commercial diving industry and JFD brands Divex and Fathom Systems, enabling enhanced atmosphere monitoring, environmental conditioning and hyperbaric monitoring capability while enhancing reliability and safety.

The design is optimised for modularity enabling the incorporation of future technology advances including automation, adaptable to suit any navy now and into the future.

Rob Hales, JFD Managing Director commented:

“JFD is the world leader in Submarine Rescue systems, support and operations. We are the submarine rescue partner to many of the world’s navies including the UK, France and Norway (via the NATO Submarine Rescue System), Korea, Australia, Singapore and India.

Our mission, which has stood since the company’s inception in 1983 by the late Roger Chapman, is to enhance the safety of those who spend their lives subsea, and JFD is committed to working alongside customers to help address current challenges.

A rescue scenario is complex; equipment availability, reliability and safety are paramount. Our Agile SRS is built on JFD’s 40 years of engineering and operational expertise and offers unparalleled and flexible capability to the rapidly adapting requirements of today’s navies.”

Find out more about the ‘Agile’ Submarine Rescue System here: LINK