JDVI-Mk3P will be at SMERWG!

The Janus Data/Voice Interface (JDVI), first introduced by Sonistics at SMERWG back in 2019 has undergone trials with the NEW ANALOX Sub Mk3P and will be at the SMERWG 22 Industry Reception (Amsterdam 22 June).

COVID 19 delayed the final development of JDVI but, in conjunction with Telesub Lanterna (Italy), Sonistics (UK) has continued to have faith in this amazing piece of kit and kept the momentum going – if somewhat slowly.

In a nutshell, should the crew be incapacitated JDV can transmit real time data to the surface – MAKING UNASSISTED RESCUE A REALITY!

Sonistics and Analox look forward to showing JDVI and explaining the functionality at the Industry Reception or feel free to contact Neil Hopkins prior to SMERWG should you want more information now: neil@sonistics.com

Should you require any further information regarding SMERWG please contact Miss Charlie Harrison; charlie@sonistics.comĀ