SMD Unveil Green, Super Capable ROV Technology

This week saw SMD unveil their electric Work Class ROV at Offshore Europe. Their new Quantum/EV ROV introduces electric drive technology to the subsea sector in an optimised, modular package which brings Work Class ROV performance and capability to a new level.

The high capability Quantum/EV is SMD’s environmentally responsible solution designed around five key principles covering performance, reliability, flexibility, ease of use and compact form factor.

The prototype, showcased at OE19, is equipped with a range of cutting-edge technologies including the completely new 25kW high power electric thrust system, a new long-distance DC transmission solution and locally managed DC power system.  Quantum/EV has a 20% increase in performance and is twice as efficient when compared to current Work Class ROVs.  The new platform also features advanced flight processing for super stability, battery compatibility for tetherless operations and is future proofed to accept AI command technology.

SMD has been subjecting the newly developed technologies and the new vehicle to a thorough testing programme that will continue over the coming months.  First deliveries are expected to begin in 9-12 months.

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