JFD presents at Golden Jubilee of Indian Submarine arm

JFD, the world leading underwater capability provider serving the commercial and defence markets and part of James Fisher and Sons plc, was delighted to present at the submarine seminar in India, to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Indian Navy’s submarine arm.

As world leaders’ in submarine rescue, JFD was invited to present a talk at the seminar, among other industry leaders who have driven innovation in advanced submarine rescue systems and operations, and who have delivered real transformation within the submarine industry.  Among those attending were Thyssen Krupp, CMD MDL and DCNS group.

The seminar focused on the concepts of ideas, skills and technologies within the sector, with the seminar topic focusing on “Creating Building Blocks for Indigenous Submarine Construction”.  Ben Sharples, Strategy Director at JFD, presented to the delegates on the Indian Navy’s 3rd Generation submarine rescue systems (SRS), which are being manufactured by JFD, ready for delivery this year (2018).

Ben Sharples, JFD, commented:
“It was a great honour to be asked by the Indian Navy to present at this seminar.  With human life at stake, submarine operations are high risk and the key element in effecting a successful rescue is minimising time-to-first-rescue (TTFR) – this is the time measured between system deployment and commencement of the rescue. JFD’s 3rd generation submarine rescue systems have been developed with the sole purpose of driving down TTFR in order to maximise the chances of successfully rescuing the crew of a distressed submarine (DISSUB).

The development of the 3rd generation system is the culmination of over 30 years of rescue system operation and development, representing an optimum combination of capability and flexibility and one which JFD is immensely proud of.”

In 2018, JFD will deliver into service two new flyaway submarines rescue systems to the Indian Navy that represent a step change in capability.

JFD is committed to investing within the local industry and economy.  As part of the Indian submarine rescue system contract, JFD has partnered with local Indian industries as part of the build programme and has been training local operations crew and support maintainers on conducting safe submarine rescue operations.

The first of the two systems will be shipped in March 2018 for final commissioning and trials, with full system due to complete in June 2018.