World first as JFD’s COBRA passes conformity assessment for CE marking making it the only approved system of its kind

World first as JFD’s COBRA passes conformity assessment for CE marking making it the only approved system of its kind

JFD, the world-leading subsea operations and manufacturing company and a part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has successfully completed rigorous trials on its new COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus) system verifying its capability and performance to CE Mark status.

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COBRA is the only commercial emergency rebreather system in the world to have been granted CE Marking status to NORSOK U101 (Diving Respiratory Equipment) and EN14143 (Self Contained Rebreathing Apparatus), leading the way in terms of safety and functionality.

COBRA was designed and developed by JFD in response to a crucial need for bailout technology which can support the depth requirements and excursion durations of new generation diving operations.

Norway pioneered new guidelines which stipulate that a diver must have a minimum of 10 minutes emergency breathing gas calculated at a breathing rate of 62.5 l/m which render open circuit bailout methods non-conforming at depths greater than 56m. The only two systems in the world which can satisfy these requirements are JFD’s Divex SLS and COBRA.

The Divex SLS has been sold globally by JFD for the past 20 years. In response to Diver feedback, JFD designed COBRA to further enhance the SLS technology creating a compact, easy to operate and maintain, mechanical system which can provide up to 45 minutes endurance. COBRA is the only system which can be tested any time by the diver, this is a step change compared with previous systems which once activated, could not be switched off.

Rigorous tests and trials have been undertaken throughout the development and CE marking assessment phases in order to assure performance under the most arduous conditions, environments and breathing requirements. The trials included measuring the work of breathing (WOB), testing operational parameters, resistance and endurance tests as well as pressure and environmental testing. As part of the CE Marking process, two days were spent testing COBRA using independent divers within the JFD dive tank pushing the kit to the required limits.

Successfully passing the assessment declares that COBRA meets the required safety, health and environmental standards to comply with EU legislation to the standard EN14143 and NORSOK U101.

JFD has received an extremely positive response to COBRA following recent seminars and events and has already sold a number of sets globally.


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