Ashtead Shines a Light on Subsea Technology





The latest underwater technologies that are helping the subsea industry to meet the challenges of increasingly complex projects in the most cost-efficient way will go on show in Aberdeenshire this week.

Ashtead Technology, the global number one independent provider of subsea equipment rental, sales and services, is hosting a technology day at its Westhill facility on Thursday 2nd July to demonstrate the best leading-edge products from around the world.

Around 100 industry professionals are expected to attend the event which will feature a series of technical presentations to showcase new and existing products and technologies that will impact positively on the inspection, repair and maintenance of subsea assets.

Tim Sheehan, commercial director at Ashtead, said: “As companies look for ways to increase efficiency, deploying the best and most reliable inspection technology has never been so important.

“The technology we will be demonstrating has been developed in response to customer demand for innovation that will push the boundaries of what is possible and commercially viable in terms of underwater inspection, repair and maintenance.”

The event will also showcase Ashtead’s latest subsea tools and innovations from the world’s leading manufacturers including Vortex dredge systems, Teledyne SeaBotix mini ROVs, Innova’s Matrix II system, Tritech’s new Gemini Profiler, nCentric’s Mesh Telemetry system and Ashtead Technology’s new AMS range.