France’s DCNS Picks Tiger and Falcon for Asia

DCNS Group, the French leader in naval defense and an innovator in marine renewable energy, has enhanced its ROV capability with a Saab Seaeye Tiger and Saab Seaeye Falcon.

Both ROVs will be deployed by DCNS Far East – DCNS’ Singapore-based subsidiary across Asia – as the company extends its operations in the region.

DCNS Far East chose the two ROVs for their versatility and reliability – and for their power to cope with currents.

Nicolas Leluan, DCNS Far East’s managing director, says they will be used extensively in a wide range of large and complex projects.

9-1Tiger 027wThe Tiger and Falcon – both highly versatile and manoeuvrable observation ROVs. Each can be fitted with a skid if needed, as shown on the Tiger.

These include inspection of platforms, pipelines and moorings – together with salvage work and for the support of work-class ROV and diving operations.

9-2FalconLED 048wIn addition, the Falcon will be deployed on infrastructure assessment projects across Asia for life extension evaluation that will involve bridge piling, jetties and harbours. The ROV will also be used for seabed surveys.

The compact size of both vehicles and their precise manoeuvrability makes them ideal for working inside and around structures, particularly as the thruster power on both ROVs is renown for its ability to master strong currents and hold steady whilst working or observing.

Each vehicle has the systems architecture and chassis capacity to house a variety of observation and inspection devices, with additional tooling skids easily fitted as needed.

Both vehicles have a proven record of reliability and operational performance working at a diverse range of tasks across the world under demanding conditions.

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