Saab Seaeye Delivers ROV to Kreuz Subsea

Saab Seaeye Delivers ROV to Kreuz Subsea


Singapore-based Kreuz Subsea, take delivery of their new Saab Seaeye Panther XT Plus at OSEA 2012 in Singapore. Operations manager Robert Black sees it as a “formidable vehicle”.


“It has incredible strength and an unrivalled speed and agility which means it can swim around divers safely whilst undertaking light construction and work tasks.”


For that reason he plans to deploy it from Kreuz Subsea’s DSVs in support of diving operations throughout the region. His first planned mission is in Myanmar where his client is seeking a competitive work-class package, which Robert feels ideally suits the Panther XT Plus.


“It has the capabilities of a small hydraulic work ROV, yet needs a quarter of the deck space and fewer crew,” he says.


The technological breakthrough in design that attracted him is an increase in power management that offers 50 per cent more power, and ten powerful thrusters that drive the ROV at speeds 30 per cent faster than any other electric work ROV in its class.


This unrivalled thruster power means the ROV can stay on task in currents greater than 4 knots – a velocity at which other ROVs must be withdrawn from active service. For an operator, this exceptional number of thrusters also delivers a reassuringly high level of redundancy. Robert Black also sees the greater payload and cleverly increased space as an opportunity to add a wide range of tools and sensors, both now and when needed, including the chance to fit torque tools.


His delivered Panther XT Plus comes with two Schilling Orion manipulators, a Tritech Super Seaking sonar, a variety of cameras and a tether management system with A-frame LARS and control cabin. The deal was struck with Oceanvision, Saab Seaeye’s distributor in Singapore and the centre for service and support in the Far East area. This is the second sale to Kreuz, the first being a Cougar XT.