BAE Systems uses AR in recruitment drive

BAE Systems is using augmented reality in its latest stunt to attract new engineering talent to its workforce.


The business is hoping to recruit around 150 professional engineers, the majority of whom will work on the Successor programme to design the next generation of submarines for the UK Royal Navy, based in Cumbria.


The campaign, which is running in trade magazine Professional Engineering, will send targeted readers a credit card-sized Videopak. The product will play the campaign film when opened. Readers will be able to use their smartphones to view the advertisements, which come to life when viewed through the Aurasma Lite app.


The film shows an animated submarine rapidly deconstructed down to the smallest component. The aim is to enthuse potential applicants by showcasing the involvement of BAE Systems engineers in the project.


Rowland Cooper, human resources director at BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines, said: 'We are continuously looking to bring the brightest and best engineering talent on board to work within our business. We hope that this new campaign, which uses the very latest technology to showcase how diverse the engineering roles within BAE Systems are, will help us to reach the type of applicants we are looking for, especially on the Successor programme, and make them excited about the prospect of a role within our organisation.'