Kongsberg Announces Version 5.0 of MS 1000 Sonar Processing Software at UDT

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. announces the latest version of MS 1000 software for MS 1071 and MS 1171 Digital Scanning Sonar.  MS 1000 Version 5.0 marks a major change in direction for this software.  Alan Zhao, Software Product Manager for the company summarized the new approach this way.  We have recognized and responded to the needs of our customers for different levels of sonar processing with the development and release of MS 1000 Version 5.0.  We have been able to do this in a way that provides no-charge software updates for all users and more specialized and productive software tools for specific user groups.   

The entry level software, known as MS 1000 Express, provides basic operating functions for Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd, digital sonar.  The Express level is suitable for many applications, such as obstacle avoidance for ROVs and certain imaging applications.  The Express level does not require a software key for operation. Those customers requiring increased functionality can continue to purchase the full version of MS 1000, known as MS 1000 Standard Version.  The Express version is available for CAD$250.00 including supporting documentation.   The full version, MS 1000 Standard, is enabled using a software key and is priced at CAD$6,975.00.  Users of the Express version can upgrade with the purchase of a software key (dongle).  Users of the earlier MS 1000 Lite software will be able to upgrade to either the Express or Standard levels. English, German and Mandarin user interfaces are provided for both levels of Version 5.0.      

The needs of users requiring higher levels of sonar processing will be served by additional software modules in future.  The 3D Optional Module will acquire 3D profile points for accurate point cloud representation of underwater structures.  This data can be further enhanced using one of a number of commercially available post processing packages, including Trimble RealWorks and Leica Cyclone.   

Data collected by the Kongsberg DASS System (Dual Axis Scanning Sonar) will provide comparative surveys of berths and piers, referencing new data to baseline data.  Discrepancies from the baseline survey can be flagged for investigation. The Kongsberg DASS System can be installed on a permanent basis to monitor for the insertion of underwater IEDs in critical harbour locations.   

Version 5.0 is also fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Edition, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, and earlier Microsoft Windows versions, notably Microsoft Windows XP Pro.  Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.s commitment to keeping pace with developing standards minimizes computer compatibility issues for our customers.  Microsoft Windows 64 bit USB Driver, and 32/64 bit Serial Interface drivers have been added to expand the usefulness of Kongsberg Scanning Sonar and keep pace with developments in 64 bit operating systems.  Certified USB drivers can be obtained from either the MS 1000 installation directory or from the Microsoft Windows Update website.   Kongsberg also provides rack-mount and ruggedized laptop computer processors from recognized computer manufacturers.   

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., based in Port Coquitlam Canada, supplies a worldwide customer base with a range of products for defence, fisheries, oilfield, scientific and other underwater acoustic applications.  Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.  is part of Kongsberg Maritime Subsea. Kongsberg Maritime is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Gruppen, a publicly traded company on the Oslo Stock Exchange.   

Phil Andrew
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