NATO Underwater Diving Working Group 2018
to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark
The Industry Reception will take place on Wednesday 25 April 2018
Contact: Sam Hopkins for more details

What is the NATO UDWG?

NATO Underwater Working Group (UDWG)

The UDWG standardises Diving Techniques, Clearance Diving Operations, Amphibious Warfare Operations, Ship’s Diver Operations, Salvage Operations, Underwater Construction Operations, Equipment and Table Validation Procedures, Medical Guidance for Diving Operations and Diving and Seabed Operations below 50 metres

UDWG staffs proposals for operational standardisation in all aspects of military Underwater Divingincluding:-

·                                                             Diving Techniques

·                                                             Clearance Diving Operations

·                                                             Amphibious Warfare Operations

·                                                             Ship’s Diver Operations

·                                                             Salvage Operations

·                                                             Underwater Construction Operations

·                                                             Equipment and Table Validation Procedures

·                                                             Medical Guidance for Diving Operations

·                                                             Diving and Seabed Operations below 50 metres

UDWG has two committees:

Medical Committee – consists of naval medical officers and civilian specialists who examine the field of diving medicine

Equipment & Systems (E&S) Committee – responsible for diving equipment related problems and identifies patterns that may be associated with improper design or use.  Researches new equipment/services available commercially and presents to the UDWG Conference.

NATO UDWG 2017 was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Industry Reception:
Wednesday 17 May

Photo Gallery below

Halifax was a key player in the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic as the bodies of those who perished were salvaged and brought into the city to be identified and repatriated.  There is a permanent museum in Halifax full of poignant exhibits.

Our raffle prize is a beautiful book containing photographs, original correspondence and so much more.

Having undertaken more than thirty dives to the wreck of the Titanic, acclaimed director James Cameron has probably gained more first-hand insight into the sinking of the ship than any person alive today. Now, this deluxe coffee-table book tells the complete story of his remarkable expeditions and the incredible technological innovations that made them possible. Capturing all the excitement, danger, and wonder of these pioneering expeditions, Exploring the Deep will also examine the legacy of Cameron’s explorations and the considerable impact they have made on our understanding of the disaster. Emotional, evocative, and filled with previously unpublished images and revelations about the wreck, Exploring The Deep is the definitive book on Cameron s expeditions.  Of interest to historians and divers in equal measure.


The 2017 UDWG Industry Reception was held in the iconic VIA Rail station and once the last passengers and buskers left the station it made an amazing venue.


2017 Sponsors
Analox, Ansell, Aqualung, Avon Protection
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