Oceanworks International



OceanWorks International is an internationally recognized subsea technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of manned / unmanned subsea systems and specialized equipment for military, oil and gas, scientific, and other marine markets. Offering a full range of subsea system engineering, design and analysis, fabrication, testing, and project management services, OceanWorks International has been at the cutting edge of deep submergence and diving technology, operations, and support for over 25 years.


Our solutions related to submarine rescue and intervention include:


–       Submarine Rescue Systems and related equipment

–       Submarine Rescue Chambers (SRC) and related equipment

–       Submarine Ventilation & Decompression Systems (SEVDS)


–       Emergency Life Support Stores (ELSS)

–       Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and related equipment

–       Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS)

–       Ship Interface Sets (SITS)

–       Transfer Under Pressure Capability

–       Military Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS)

–       Integrated Logistics Support

–       Custom Engineered Solutions


With a worldwide military customer base including 9 different Navies on 4 continents, OceanWorks International has been a leading supplier of subsea rescue and intervention systems for nearly 3 decades. During this time we pioneered the introduction of submarine Remotely Operated Rescue Vehicles (RORVs) and introduced our patented articulated mating skirt technology. 


For more information about our products and services please contact sales@oceanworks.com.

IHC Engineering Business


Award Winner NOF Energy, Innovation and Technology Award, 2011

IHC Engineering Business (IHC EB) delivers bespoke engineering solutions for complex offshore applications.

We work with clients across the offshore oil and gas, submarine telecoms and renewable offshore power industries. We take them on a full customer journey from concept development, product delivery and through to life cycle support. Our core expertise includes pipe and cable lay, subsea trenching and offshore handling.

We deliver innovative equipment that provides a commercial and technical advantage; working in partnership with customers on projects ranging from fully integrated vessel systems to the rapid supply of sub-systems.