NATO SMERWG 2016 Images

NATO SMERWG 2016 was held in Portsmouth, UK and the week proved to be a great way for new delegates to form relationships and industry to be on hand to assist with any technical enquiries.

The following are the images of the week; feel free to download any you may wish to keep (should you require high resolution images, just ask) and also email Charlie Harrison with any you would like us to add.

Group-PhotoGroup Photo taken at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum


Icebreaker – Tuesday 7 June 2016
Celebrating the 90th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II

   norwegians-and-nellie   bar-staff

  jos-jo-toon   group-7

group-5   group-4

group-3   group-2   group-1

gary-and-flamingo   Emily-and-Steven-SETT   emily-with-flamingo

dave-sam-darrin   crowd-7

crowd-6   crowd-5



Industry Reception Wednesday 8 June 2016

Analox-3    SRA

Babcock    BMT

SOS   Forum

Micropore   Mobilarm

Molecular   Oceaneering

Briartek   Surivtec

Texcon-2   SRA-1

SRA-2   Texcon   SOS-4   Saab-2

Sonistics-1   Molecular-1

  QQ-2   JFD

HH-2   group-3

group-1   group

Forum-2    Forum

Food-2   Food-3

Food-1   Briartek

cake    Birthday-Cake-2

BMT  Bill-Orr-at-Babcock

BABCOCK   Analox-3jpg

Analox-2    Analox-1

Host Dinner at the RN Submarine Museum


sam-bill-karrin    jos-nellie

    dinner-10    dinner-9    dinner-8

dinner-7    dinner-2-gary-emily    dinner-1

dinner-5    dinner-4

dinner-3    brian-and-alby

analox    band-1

    band-2    ali