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Neervoort, Sven


Our Strengths

Exceptional technology is critical for exceptional missions – At Dräger, we provide the technological edge necessary to prevail against chemical and biological attacks, and radiological threats, – as well as conventional military tactics. We engineer products to have a low logistical footprint and make sophisticated technology simple to use, so it’s easier to focus on the task at hand. We build reliability and durability into everything we make to safeguard every breath taken in the line of duty, whether it’s beneath the surface of the sea or in the midst of unseen chemicals or bacteria in the air.

Dräger solutions include Medical Equipment, respiratory protection systems, NBC/CBRNe protection/detection products and systems, Diving Equipment, Fixed and portable gas detectors and monitors and much more – all backed by quality service and support infrastructure.

We have commercial off-the-shelf equipment ready for supply and Research and Development expertise, facilities and an extensive supply chain that can also provide enhancement on current and future capability.