Submarine Atmosphere Monitoring And Air Purification (SAMAP) Symposium
5 To 9 October 2015
Den Helder, Netherlands


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Delegates of SAMAP 2015

Since 1994 the SAMAP series of international symposia have provided a technical forum for the submarine community to discuss all aspects of Submarine Air Monitoring and Air Purification.  A select group of industry and government professionals from around the world gather to present and discuss their work and new technologies related to sustaining a physiologically acceptable submarine environment.

This symposium offers delegates a unique opportunity to share research and technical endeavours plus offering obvious collaborations.

Delegates are invited to present papers on topics concerning aspects of a submarine’s atmosphere, indoor air quality related topics and medical, physiological and Submarine Escape and Rescue research.


2015 – Den Helder, Netherlands a message from our Prime Sponsor


[09/11/15] As a prime sponsor of this year’s Submarine Atmosphere Monitoring and Air Purification Symposium (SAMAP) Analox Military Systems (AMS) were proud to be a part of the 10th anniversary conference celebrations held in Den Helder, in the Netherlands.

The Symposium provides the opportunity for industry, government professionals, and experts, to discuss the latest technologies and developments surrounding submarine environments. It allows delegates to attend conferences and hold debates on what is deemed acceptable across all aspects of Submarine Air Monitoring and Air Purification. The conference gave us a platform to present the concept of a joint enterprise between AMS and ACI (Atmosphere Control International). Research has been conducted into developing a concept that will see a significant step in the automation and control of a submarine atmosphere, with the potential to ultimately pave the way for a fully automated, Holistic Atmosphere Management System (HAMS).
Members of our AMS team attended the 4-day conference and joined in the celebrations. An anniversary cake was presented to the organisation team and delegates. This year’s conference was described as ‘vibrant and much information was shared.’
Vicky Pigg, Sales and Marketing Director for AMS said, “The symposium this year was extra special as it marked a significant year and celebrated the work conducted by the event so far. We’re very proud to be a primary sponsor of this conference as it’s a crucial event in our business calendar.
“Important and varied topics were discussed and debated during SAMAP concerning medical and physiological research, studies conducted around monitoring submarine atmosphere’s and the international space station, Contaminant hazards and numerous atmosphere purification techniques.
“The conference allowed us to present a paper in conjunction with ACI (Atmosphere Control International) on integrated atmosphere management, offering a complete solution to submarine atmosphere control.
“It was important to mark this significant milestone and celebrate the history of SAMAP and we look forward to attending this important event again in 2017.”








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